Bird | AR Notebook

Bird | AR Notebook

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Take flight with your creativity in this tweet-worthy notebook!

This bright and cheerful notebook features a little birdie ready to soar alongside your most brilliant ideas. Whether you're a writer jotting down your next bestseller, a student taking notes that will take flight on the test, or an artist sketching your dreams with feathered inspiration, this notebook is the perfect nest for your thoughts.

Here's why this notebook will make you sing its praises:

  • Plenty of space to let your ideas hatch! Brainstorm, doodle, or write the next great American novel - this notebook can handle it all.
  • A delightful design that will brighten your day and help your ideas take wing.

So, grab this notebook, spread your wings, and let your creativity take flight!


Product features:

  • corner round cut
  • A5 - 98 pages | l = 5.5 inches & b = 8.5 inches 
  • A6 - 78 pages | l = 4 inches & b = 5.7 inches