Auto | AR Notebook

Auto | AR Notebook

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This electrifying notebook, featuring a fearless auto driver navigating the urban jungle, is the perfect pitstop for all your creative journeys. Whether you're brainstorming the next million-dollar app, or planning your dream vacation to India, this notebook will keep your ideas flowing faster than rush-hour traffic.

Here's why this notebook is your one-way ticket to creativity-ville:

  • Spacious enough to fit all your wildest rickshaw ramblings. Brainstorm, doodle, or map your next rickshaw adventure – this notebook can handle it all.
  • Head-turning design that'll have everyone asking, "Rickshaw to where?"

So grab this notebook, hop on board the adventure, and let your creativity rickshaw you away!


Product features:

  • corner round cut
  • A5 - 98 pages | l = 5.5 inches & b = 8.5 inches 
  • A6 - 78 pages | l = 4 inches & b = 5.7 inches